The 10 Building Blocks For Your Jewelry Wardrobe

The 10 Building Blocks For Your Jewelry Wardrobe from Silverhorn Jewelers

Discover the 10 building blocks for the perfect jewelry wardrobe from Silverhorn founder, Carole Ridding. "You should have a collection of tried-and-true pieces that are classic but fashionable--versatile, high-quality things that you love."

Your Jewelry Wardrobe Tip #1: I'd invest in a large gemstone ring, one that's bold and oversize. It's an important piece, and it should be fun!
Your Jewelry Wardrobe Tip #2: You can wear a long, gold chain necklace over a turtleneck or a plain black dress. Try winding it around a strand of pearls.
Your Jewelry Wardrobe Tip #3: Have wrist jewelry, like metallic cuffs, which could be narrow bangles or wider and bolder.
Your Jewelry Wardrobe Tip #4: I'd definitely have a custom-made piece of jewelry, one that's personal to you.
Your Jewelry Wardrobe Tip #5: Silverhorn Jewelry. A right-hand ring can be playful. Think of colorful rings that are mix and match
Your Jewelry Wardrobe Tip #6: Don't think of chandelier earrings only for a fancy look. You can wear earrings that swing and sway with your jeans and a button-down shirt.
Your Jewelry Wardrobe Tip #7: Pearls never go out of style, and you don't have to stick to white. Think about black Tahitian pearls or pinkish freshwater ones.
Your Jewelry Wardrobe Tip #8: Gold hoop earrings, long and sleek or short and curvy. Pick a shape that flatters your face.
Your Jewelry Wardrobe Tip #9: Studs are perhaps the most versatile earrings you'll own.
Your Jewelry Wardrobe Tip #10: Have a statement piece, jewelry that's daring and exciting, like a choker or a cuff that mixes materials. This is not something you'd wear every day.