Custom Design

Silverhorn Jewelers Custom Design

The Silverhorn Design Studio is no longer a well-kept secret. In 2018 the studio moved to its new location at 1235 Coast Village Road, Montecito, California. The new open concept of the studio allows clients to see our designers at work crafting their award-winning designs. One of only a handful of European styled jewelry design studios in the entire country, this is the new home for the Silverhorn design team, led by head designer, Noel Bendle. Highly trained talented individuals, they transform gems into unforgettable works of art. The Silverhorn workshop is the go-to source for the gem cognoscenti when they want a one of a kind treasured piece of jewelry or an addition to their collection of loose stones and gems.

Silverhorn specializes in fine jewelry made of rare materials. The designers never rely on molds or ready-made settings, so popular in jewelry making today. Instead they craft custom one-of-a-kind designs by hand, always highlighting the rare gemstone Silverhorn searches the world to locate.

Each one of the Silverhorn designers has studied their craft for at least 5 years before qualifying for an apprenticeship. Following their apprenticeship with master craftsmen, they then work for fine European jewelry design houses, work with private clients or receive commissions from the likes of Friederich in Frankfurt or Cartier in Paris.

This is when they come to the attention of Silverhorn who are always on the lookout for young, fresh talent. No introductions are necessary, as Silverhorn’s reputation is known internationally. The designers are invited to Montecito and experience the natural beauty and relaxed, sophisticated lifestyle. Most of the designers on staff have been with Silverhorn for 10 to 15 years. Those who have left have started their own successful design business and still work on Silverhorn commissions. It is a true example of an extended extended family business.

Designing a custom made piece of jewelry is a collaboration between the designer and the client. Clients make their selections from Silverhorn’s vast collection of loose gemstones. They can browse through sketch books and photos to review over 30 years of Silverhorn designs. Once they have a concept the designer prepares a colored sketch for approval. Next a model of the piece is created for the client to experience and finally the finished item is presented. Painstaking hand crafted work is Silverhorn’s signature and their creative team win awards for craftsmanship and their modern designs year after year. Silverhorn designs have appeared in museums and fine art collections around the world, on Hollywood’s red carpet and every day on local residents.